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Deepwater Lures was first formed in 2007 as a very small but natural offshoot of my search for top quality jigs for lake trout. Local shops had nothing of note, in fact, nobody in the Finger Lakes area from small shops to big boxes had similar products. I fished for a year with inferior jigs while searching for quality tackle- this proved harder than I thought so I started making my own. Before long I was sharing them with friends, made a few sales, and started growing. This style of jig for lake trout fishing became very popular. Unfortunately, due to health and circumstances I had to stop fishing for a few years and the fledgling business fell by the wayside around 2009.

Fast forward to 2012 when I thankfully was able to fish again, and despite the increasing popularity of jigging for lakers top-shelf jigs were still unavailable locally- which led me to re-start Deepwater Lures. The result is this store, built by a lake trout fisherman with the purpose of helping others find quality tackle that works.

All jigs are poured using Mustad Ultrapoint hooks, the erie and ball jigs on 32746BLN fine wire black nickel hooks and the minnow heads on 32786BLN heavy wire jig hooks. These hooks are deadly sharp, strong, corrosion resistant, and definitely do not need to be sharpened when first purchased, unlike standard jig hooks.

All soft plastics have been personally tested and proven to catch lake trout. I currently carry Lunker City brand Shakers, Swimfish, and Fin-S-Fish and hope to add more brands in the future.

Deepwater Lures is committed to providing the highest quality deep jigging lures available today. Excellent for big Lake Trout, these jigs are equally effective in other situations where getting to the bottom fast and lifelike movement are necessary. They may be simple (that keeps them cheap) but plain lead, white or chartruese is all you need to catch lots of big fish!

Thanks for visiting, and happy fishing!

        Alec Johnston

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