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4/21/17: Getting low on a few items, I will update stock levels ASAP. Only 1 left each alewife Fin-S-Fish and Swimfish.

Soft Plastics:

Lunker City Shakers:

Ten colors are available. 3.25" Shakers are 10 per bag (except Glow/Chart 8/bag). 4.5" Shakers are 8/bag.Available colors.

  • 3.25" Shakers: $3.99:

  • 4.5" Shakers: $5.49:

Lunker City Swimfish:

Swimfish are a great alternative to Shakers. 3.75" Swimfish are 8 per bag. Available colors.

  • Swimfish: $3.99:


Fin-S-Fish are Lunker City's version of the popular Zoom Fluke. Split tail has good action and drops quickly. 4" Fin-S-Fish are 10 per bag. Available colors.

  • Fin-S-Fish: $3.75

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